What Is Rhinoplasty


As we know Rhinoplasty is commonly known as Nose surgery. Most of the patients complain about de-shape of the nose, depressed nose or very broad nose. Some patients come with the sharp nose and some patients come with teh different photographs of different celebrities and ask to get the similar nose.

Let us see what all we can do in nose surgery. Visit Personiks to know the Rhinoplasty cost in Hyderabad

If we see the nose, we see two parts.

1) Bony part

2) Lower soft part is the cartilage part which is internally supported by a separate septum

So, if we want to change the nose shape, we have to change all the structure like bone structure, soft tissue or cartilage structure and we have to re allign the septum in many cases.

Nose can be changed in two ways;

1) Internal approach

2) External approach

In Internal approach, we go through inside the nose so taht no cut or scar is visible from outside and change the shape of the bone, cartilage and septum. In this way we can achieve our desired nose shape. We can not completely chnage the shape of a nose. It completely depends on the facial profile. We analyze the length of the nose, chin, upper face. After analyzing we choose the best suited nose on the patient’s face.

After the surgery, the patient is put into some kind of bandages or dressing for a week or 10 days and then we remove the bandages. The swelling on the nose after the surgery will remain for 8-10 days.

Once we do nose external approach, we give a small cut on teh central part of the nose which is called columella and lift the whole nose through this sand we can expose the whole nose. This kind of surgery is better done because we are doing all these surgeries under vision.

Again after the surgery, we put bandage for a week or 10 days time. Swelling of a nose may remian from 6 weeks to 6 months or may be in some cases upto 2 years. To know more details on Rhinoplasty visit Ogequipment

This is the major part of the nose which we modify.

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