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Volvo Cars India is introducing a wide range of models and the C60 would be the latest entry in the premium compact SUV segment. The Volvo XC60 interiors will have the cockpit design with sleek design of dashboard, leather upholstery, power adjust seats, multi-zone automatic air conditioning and touchscreen display infotainment system. The off-road driving would be assisted with electronic stability control system, traction control system and ride height control system. The safety features of airbags at the front, side and curtain airbags for the rear seat occupants, and park distance control system would be offered in this model. Check On Road Price of XC60


The Volvo XC60 has always been a good and mature-looking SUV. It looks butch and has immense road presence. The R-Design trim, however, is a bit on the sportier side. The body panels, bumpers, etc. get a lot of youthful enhancements and the vehicle looks much more younger than before. While the styling is not loud at all, the SUV still manages to look very handsome and appeals to the elder age group as much as it does to the young ones out there. In the R-Design trim, the vehicle’s bumpers get a redesign and the new styling elements add a lot of appeal to the vehicle.

The side profile remains more or less the same, barring the funky alloy wheels. At the rear, again there are just minor changes but when we take the whole vehicle into account, we must agree that the R-Design is leagues ahead of the regular XC60 when it comes to design. The vehicle is flanked by R-Design badges here and there, but honestly even without those badges, it is quite easy to differentiate an R-Design XC60 from a regular one. The XC60 is also quite bulky when viewed from certain angles but some clever lines do manage to hide some of the bulk. From the front quarters, the SUV looks compact and sporty while from the rear quarters, the car looks big enough to be called an SUV. Get offers & discounts on XC60

The front bumper gets unique design props like the black inserts that you see in the pictures. The vertical LED DRLs are very bright and are a catalyst in attracting people’s attention towards the car. The grille has the typical Volvo design with the slanting line and a small R-Design logo. The colour of the grille is pure black and it looks very cool. The ORVMs come finished in brushed aluminium and while this shade looks decent on a white car, I’d say it’ll look a few notches better on a red or black car, just because the contrast effect will be too high. The chunky alloys have a pleasing design but someone did comment that they look like aftermarket add-ons. At the rear, you see dual exhausts and a very subtle silver skid plate at the lower part of the bumper.


The XC60 shares its cabin design with the XC90 and S90. Will you complain? Absolutely not, because this is one of the finest cabins you could find yourself in. Trimmed in nappa leather and fine wood, and adorned with knurled dials, the cabin looks and feels really plush. Again, the centrepiece of the smart dashboard is the 9.0-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. The system works with the slickness of an iPad but the screen is a fingerprint magnet. Also, it does take some time to load initially owing to the heavy software it runs but works smoothly once started. The interface gets a bit more colour to reflect the more ‘youthful’ personality of the 60-series cars and the layout has also been tweaked to minimise distractions. Still, we’d have preferred physical buttons for the climate control system; the screen controls aren’t the easiest to use on the move.

You sit at a nice enough height in the XC and visibility is good but you won’t find yourself towering over other road users. In true Volvo fashion, the sculpted front seats offer exemplary comfort. Adjustable for front, side and lumbar bolstering, the seats provide the right support just where you’d want it. The seats’ massage and ventilation functions make proceedings nicer still. Rear seat occupants don’t get as many goodies (and the door aperture isn’t the largest), but the ample leg- and headroom, and large windows give a nice ambience in the back. The rear seat is a bit upright and the squab could have been more supportive but, in general, it is comfortable.

The XC60s for India will come well-equipped with LED headlights, air suspension, a panoramic sunroof, a brilliant 19-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system, a four-zone climate control and nappa leather seats. Unfortunately, the XC60 makes do with manual steering adjust only.


The base variant, D4 Kinetic and D4 Summum is integrated with an engine which has a capacity to displace about 1984cc. It can generate a maximum power of 181bhp and a peak torque output of 400 Nm. While the top end trim has a motor which can displace 215bhp and can produce a torque output of 440Nm. The base and mid level variants have been skilfully coupled with a proficient 6-speed automatic transmission gear box. On the other hand, the top end trim is mated with a eight speed automatic gear box. .The base variant, D4 Kinetic version as well as the mid range variant, D4 Summum has the ability to deliver a decent mileage of 12.6 Kmpl in the city to 20 Kmpl on the freeways. Whereas, the top end trim can squeeze out 11.76 Kmpl under city conditions and can make up to 18.86 Kmpl on highways.

The base and mid level trims have an engine, which has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 181bhp and can generate an impressive peak torque output of 400Nm. On the other hand, the top end trim, D5 Summum is equipped with an efficient motor, which can generate a maximum power of 215bhp and can produce a torque yield of 440Nm.This crossover series have been fitted with disc brakes for all the wheels, which help in efficient braking instantly even at shorter distances. It is also equipped with the advanced ABS with EBD along with DSTC anti-skid system, which prevents vehicle from skidding on wet surfaces. The suspension system is also very dependable with a dynamic chassis, which keeps the vehicle well balanced at all times. There are other aspects like a continuously controlled chassis concept that aids in improving the car’s handling, RSC active stability system helps in keeping the stability, whenever there is a hurdle.


You are seated well up with a commanding position of the road, a short-ish dashboard and Volvo’s City safety tech to bank on to keep the car away from nicks at low speeds. Ground clearance at 230mm is class leading, the steering is light and weighs up well with speed so it’s quite an easy car to drive… until a dollop of torque steer kicks in. Yes there is plenty of it during hard acceleration runs, with all the 400Nm sent to the front wheels so as suggested earlier, the XC60 is best driven unhurried. The R-Design XC60 gets stiffer springs and firmer anti roll bars for enthusiastic handling but that does rob the SUV of its supple ride. It’s good and reassuring at high speed through undulations but low speed ride takes a beating. This isn’t the right setting for Indian road conditions which sadly won’t change as Volvos come in as CBUs. While you lose out on quality ride, you do gain a lot on the handling front.

In addition to the stiffer springs and anti roll bars, the XC60 R-Design also gets a stiffer chassis compared to the stock XC60. We’d have to drive the two back to back to notice the difference but this car for a front wheel drive 1.85 tonne SUV does handle well. Sure it’s not on par with the agile BMW X3 but it holds its line through corners. The grip from a fantastic set of Pirelli PZero Rosso tyres gives the XC60 its handling edge and there is absolutely no tyre noise too while doing high speeds on the highway. Strong brake discs all round complement the sticky rubber to give you enough and more stopping power.


Standard safety features for all Volvo XC60 models include antilock brakes, traction and stability control, whiplash protection for the front seats, front seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and Volvo On Call emergency telematics. Also standard is Volvo’s City Safety system, which is a low-speed frontal collision warning and mitigation system with automatic braking.

A pair of integrated dual-stage child booster seats are optional and pop up from the rear outboard seats to accommodate children with a height/weight range from 37 inches and 33 pounds to 55 inches and 80 pounds. Other standard and/or available features include a blind-spot monitoring system with rear cross-traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, an upgraded frontal collision warning system with fully automatic braking and pedestrian and cyclist detection, a driver-inattention warning system and lane departure warning.


I’ll repeat what I said in the introduction paragraph. What a car! While the BMW X3 may be more fun to drive than this and the Mercedes GLE might be more comfortable, the Volvo isn’t a bad proposition at all and it is a brilliant alternative to the X3, GLE and the Q5. The Volvo manages to offer the best of all worlds and the fact that it is imported as a CBU, unlike its rivals which are locally assembled, makes the deal even more sweeter. Also, the Volvo seems a bit cheaper or at par with competition but it benefits from lower insurance premiums which is again like a cherry on the cake. All in all, the Volvo XC60 R-Design is a great buy and we don’t see any reason for it to not be successful in our market. On a personal note, after driving the XC90 first and now the XC60, I’ve most definitely made up my mind to welcome a Volvo car in my garage in the near future.

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