CIDOC 2015
Comité International pour la Documentation
International Committee for Documentation
New Delhi, India
05.09.2015 - 10.09.2015
Documenting Diversity – Collections, Catalogues & Context
Conference Theme

With its multitude of languages, ethnic groups and traditions, its long history, its variety of geography and ecosystems, India is undoubtedly one of the most richly diverse countries in the world. India’s Museums and cultural heritage institutions assume the daunting task of recording, preserving and celebrating this heritage. The 2015 CIDOC conference focuses on the problems of documenting this diversity: the collecting practices, cataloguing methods, and contextual information that are required to deal with such varied collections, and the growing need for museums to work closely with archives, libraries and other cultural heritage institutions to achieve common goals.

The aim of CIDOC’s annual conference, hosted by the National Museum Institute, Delhi, India, is to enable and encourage dialogue about information management between professionals working in different roles in museums: documentation, development, design, mediation or management. In addition to scientific and theoretical contributions, the conference also aims to function as a forum where participants can exchange practical experiences, share problems, search for solutions and find new inspiration.

Conference Theme and Sub-Themes

The main theme of the conference is “Documenting Diversity – Collections, Catalogues & Context”, which is subdivided into three sub-themes:

  • Strategies and policies for documenting the diversity of culture
  • Techniques and methods of documentation
  • Access and Integration - working together with archives and other heritage institutions

Under each sub-theme is a list of topics, intended as suggestions – contributors may also offer papers about other topics. They should however fall under one of the three sub-themes and the main theme.

A special goal of the conference is taking into account the work of archives, learning from archivists' outlook and professional experience, and finding ways to integrate materials from museums and archives.
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