Resetting WordPress Using A Plugin

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If you are a developer, then you must be using WP-CLI in your development. And if you are not a developer and you are not aware of it, WP-CLI is a tool that enables to interact with your WordPress website using the command line via SSH (Secure Shel) access.

Using WP-CLI, you can reset the WordPress site using the command wp db reset. That’s it, and you will have the database reset and you are left with only the default settings of the WordPress website.

But using WP-CLI you will only be resetting the database, for the rest of the data like the themes, plugins, and the media uploads, you will have to reset them manually.For more info check  SEO Company in London.

Resetting WordPress Using a Plugin

There are plugins that can help you reset a WordPress website. When searching for type in the keyword ‘reset’ and you will be shown a bunch of plugins that can help you with your task.

In this article, I will be using the WP Reset plugin. The plugin has got 100,000+ active installations at the time of writing this article and also has got decent reviews.

It is to keep in mind that the resetting process cannot be reversed. So, only proceed if you are sure since you will not be getting any of these data back. If you think you might regret the decision, keep a backup of your website.

Follow the steps to reset your WordPress website using WPReset.

First, install and Activate WPReset. Go the Plugins page on your website. Click on Add New and search for WPReset or type in the keyword ‘reset’.

Next, install and activate the plugin. After successful activation, you will able to WPReset under the Tools menu.On the WP Reset page, you will able to see multiple tabs. The first one being the Reset tab.

On the Reset tab, first, you are presented with the warning that must read before proceeding with the reset process. For Website development services in New York check RavisNY.

Then there is a Post-reset action section where you get to select what happens after the reset process has been completed.

There are three options where you get to decide whether you want to reactivate the current theme, reactivate the WP Reset plugin, and reactivate all the plugins that are currently active.

Next is the reset section.

From here, you will need to enter the word ‘reset’ before clicking on the Reset WordPress button. This is one of the fail-safe mechanisms in place since the reset process wipes out all of the data and is an irreversible process. After clicking on the Reset WordPress button, you will be asked to confirm the action again and then the reset process will begin.

After clicking on reset, the plugin will delete the database including the custom tables. The themes, plugins, and the media uploads will stay intact.

If you want to delete the rest of the data, the plugin gives you a one-click solution for that as well. For that, you have to move to the second tab in the WP Reset plugin page.

The second tab on the plugin page is the Tools tab. From this tab, you have the options that give you more control over the data that is to be removed from the website installation.

On the third, you have the DB snapshots where you can take the snapshots of the database at that instance.Next is the collection tab, which at the time of writing is under development and the last tab includes support information.

According to the developers of the plugin, there is a lot more in store for the plugin in the future.To know more details on SEO Services visit Iiit-bh

Plugins & Themes Collections –

People will be able to create their own collections so they can install their favorite plugins and themes with a single click

Nuclear Reset –

Reset EVERYTHING in one click

Change WP Version –

You will be able to choose a WP version so once WordPress gets reinstalled automatically, it will use the older version if you wanted to


The plugin will be completely compatible with WPMU

That’s something to look out for!

So there you have it! Now you can successfully reset your WordPress website and get a fresh start.

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