Real Estate Marketing Trends That You Need To Know About In 2018


2018 is going to be a game-changing year in terms of how you reach out to your prospects in your target area. In 2017, I saw an explosion of 3D content, local blogs, and thousands of realtors going digital to buy leads.

These trends are here to stay. However, there are a few upcoming trends in the real estate marketing industry which will be pivotal in the coming year.

The social media landscape has changed dramatically. These days simply producing unique content is not enough. You need to have a unique brand as well, and the best part of what I just shared with you is that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND and that is your secret weapon, you just may not know it or believe it yet. Stick by me, and that’ll change.

On top of that, content distribution is more important than ever.

Keeping the ever-changing social and customer acquisition landscape in mind, I am going to share the top 5 real estate marketing trends that define 2018 To know more info on Real Estate SEO Agency check Realty DS.

1. Live Chat Will Be Important on Real Estate Websites

Live chat has long been one of the most effective ways to raise engagement on your website. When prospective clients see a quick way to contact you, they are more likely to reach out. More and more agents have adopted live chat as a means of meeting prospects.

The problem: Live chat usually means someone has to be on the other side running things. But that doesn’t mean you need a full-time customer service rep. Artificial intelligence is now advanced enough to answer basic questions, schedule appointments, and more.

2. Hyper-Local Content Will Position Agents as THE Local Experts

No matter where you are, odds are good you’re not the only real estate agent in town. Today’s customers use a generic Google search as their first port of call when looking for a real estate agent. The glimpse they get of your digital footprint is their first impression of you.

Home buyers and sellers are asking themselves:

A. Do you have a large pool of credible online reviews and testimonials?

B. Is your website represented in the top Google results for your market?

C. Have you taken control of local listings that verify your firm’s details?

D. Do you have amazing website content that shows your local expertise?

3. An Email Marketing Renaissance Will Help Agents Nurture Leads

It may take weeks, months, or even years for a contact to get involved in a real estate transaction. So, how can you build a relationship of trust with future clients who may not need you soon?

The answer is email marketing. With informative, helpful, personalized content, agents have a chance to stay “top of mind” with website visitors who won’t make their big move for a while.

Email marketing takes dedication and focus since you’ll be forgotten if you don’t contact your subscribers on a regular basis. But it’s now easier than ever, and more agents are taking notice.For more details on Real Estate Advertising visit Tweetcast

4. Digital Open Houses Will Continue to Grow More Mainstream

Today’s listings need high-quality photographs to be successful. If you want to go a step further in attracting motivated, transaction-ready buyers, however, digital open houses are the key.

Digital open houses allow participants to experience a home as if they are there. This enables them to engage with a listing and get more information even if they can’t attend in person. It also makes them more likely to follow up with you and take concrete action.

5. Facebook Will Become a Cornerstone of Agent Outreach

Facebook is the perfect platform for agents to connect with their communities. Just like a home, it’s where people feel free to be themselves. To counteract shrinking reach on the Facebook newsfeed, agents should create branded social communities for prospective customers.

Agents should also leverage Facebook’s streaming video platform, one of the easiest ways for any small business owner to create and distribute videos. Video content is fresh, fun, and holds attention on the mobile Web, where most of your site’s visitors will find you.

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