Here Are 5 Things You Must Know Before Getting Hair Transplant


Many factors ranging from genetics to nutritional deficiencies causes hair loss. Likewise, there are several effective treatments have come up in the market to control hair loss and assist new hair growth. Hair transplant is one the effective techniques for re-growing the hair that help to look better and boost one’s confidence.

When you are ready for hair transplant and going ahead to book your consultant, consider these first –

Transplanted hair is permanent

The hair restoration treatment is a long-term and permanent treatment. The new-transplanted hair will look natural and never get lost again. However, your natural existing hair health will be same as it is and will continue to fall.

Transplanted hair would be same as normal hair

Many people have doubt in their mind how to care the transplanted hair. Is there any different process or care to be followed for transplanted hairs? You will be glad to know that there is no as such any special shampoo or product to be used and it can be cared as normal hair. Only you have to follow some after transplant care instructions given by the consultant.

Check different hair loss treatments

There are different types of procedure available for hair transplantation. FUE is one of them. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplantation technique in which follicular units (hair follicles) are singly extracted from the donor area such as chest, thighs, back/side of the head, or other hairy areas of the patient and are then transplant to the hair loss area(recipient area).

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new kind of hair loss treatment for those suffering from hair loss. The PRP treatment includes the small scalp injections filled with a concentrated solution derived from the sample of patient’s own blood.

In the world of hair transplant surgery, PRP is a type of ‘biotherapy’ that utilizes the ability of the patient’s body to heal and repair naturally. Due to this, it is preferred by those who want to avoid pharmaceutical products or who wants to use this treatment along with the hair loss treatments they are currently using. PRP procedure of hair loss treatment is considered safe and has already been used extensively in the treatment of joints and facial skin rejuvenation.

Hair transplant cost

Before booking a consultation, the biggest thing that everybody considers is cost. Although hair transplantation is quite expensive treatment, you are saving money by not spending on expensive hair products for long run. Thus, ultimately the cost becomes worth with new natural looking transplanted hair.

Choose a reputed clinic

It is imperative to choose the clinic very wisely. You can also take suggestions and feedback from your friends who have already taken the hair transplantation treatment earlier.

The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to get the best hair loss treatment. Still, if you have any doubts in your mind regarding hair transplant then feel free to book an appointment with Dr. Gurukaran, MRCS, DNB, M.Ch, Personiks Hyderabad.

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