CIDOC 2015
Comité International pour la Documentation
International Committee for Documentation
New Delhi, India
05.09.2015 - 10.09.2015
Documenting Diversity – Collections, Catalogues & Context
Invitation and Call for Papers

Papers are invited related to the following sub-themes and suggested topics:

Strategies and policies for documenting the diversity of culture

Goal: Identify significance of diversity of context and tackle diverse documentation needs and challenges of different cultures.

Suggested topics:

  • National and institutional strategies for documentation
  • Need, benefit and challenges of Open Access
  • Creating value for museums, academia and communities
  • Long term preservation and sustainable models for digital heritage
  • User-driven development and design
  • Documentation as a profession
Techniques and methods of documentation

Goal: Methods and techniques for creating documentation for traditional and digital media environments – challenges and experiences.

Suggested topics:

  • Documentation standards: terminology and metadata
  • Documenting and presenting intangible cultural heritage
  • Telling stories with museum objects - reflections on interpretation
  • 3D Documentation in Cultural Heritage
  • Conceptual Models in the Semantic Web and Linked Data applications
  • Big Data
Access and Integration - working together with archives and other heritage Institutions

Goal: Recognizing the unique needs of documentation of Archival material for increasing accessibility. Challenges of integrating archival material with other related data will also be explored.

Suggested topics:

  • Theoretical and practical insights from archives
  • Access to archival sources
  • Co-referencing - accessing, and integrating material from multiple fields
  • Integration of material from museums and archives
  • Building new alliances
  • Convergence of heritage information
Type, length, and scope of contributions

The contributions can be one of the following types:

  • Scientific Papers and Presentations
  • Presentations of Projects – Success Stories, Failures, Learning Experiences, Challenges
  • Presentations on Vision and Strategy

The length of the presentation may be one of the following:

  • Full length paper (20 minutes plus 10 minutes question time)
  • Short paper (10 minutes plus 5 minutes question time)
  • Brief presentation (5 minutes)
  • Poster presentation

We invite papers and presentations of projects covering a variety of scope including

  • Local – protecting and creating understanding for local culture
  • Institutional – Innovative solutions, emerging best practices
  • National – Presentations of national projects
  • Thematic – Projects crossing national and institutional boundaries
  • Cross-domain – Co-operation between Archives, Libraries, Museums, Researchers
  • Universal – Theoretical or Philosophical contributions
Submission of Abstracts

We invite you to submit an abstract of your intended paper, presentation or poster. A Scientific Committee will review and select all contributions.

  • The abstract should be written in English, French or Spanish and should be no longer than 250 words.
  • The title should be no more than three typeset lines and should be comprehensible to a broad audience.
  • Please provide the full names of all authors along with their institutional affiliation: department, institution, and email address. (If needed, use superscripts to match authors with institutions.)
  • Abstracts must be submitted in an editable format (e.g., Word, Open Document Text).
Important dates
Authors will be notified of acceptance not later than
8 June, 2015
Deadline for submission of full papers
5 August, 2015

Please send your submission to

Publication policy

CIDOC seeks to make all contributions to the conference as widely available as possible. To this end all contributors are requested to sign a contributor's agreement, which assigns nonexclusive publication rights to ICOM CIDOC. This agreement allows ICOM CIDOC to publish and use the material freely. Because it is non-exclusive it does not prevent authors from continuing to use and publish their own material as they see fit.

All abstracts of contributions that are accepted for inclusion in the conference will be collated and distributed to conference participants.

All conference papers are stored in the CIDOC digital library which is available through the CIDOC website

Selected papers from the conference are included in the CIDOC Bulletin, in both French and English. We reserve the right to make editorial changes and to request revisions when necessary. Preparation and publication of the CIDOC bulletin can take a considerable time, however we aim to publish the Bulletin within one year of the conference.

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