BMW M4 Performance & Test Drive


BMW has always captured the finest elements to make a car, and successfully unleashed them into entities of grandeur and luxury. This all new model shows the world just why this prominent company dazzles in what they do. The BMW M Series M4 Coupe stands as one of the rarest and most exquisite machines to cruise our streets. The two door vehicle is a blend of both performance and style: It is destined to rule our streets with speed and ferocity, but without compromising on luxury and comfort. This high end sports machine is powered by a M TwinPower turbo engine, which sends it sailing to exhilarating top speeds rarely seen on Indian streets. This high rev engine is built as a six cylinder petrol format. Translating the massive engine capacity to speed is a seven gear dual clutch transmission system, specially designed for the needs of expensive machine. The inner prowess is balanced by the beauty that paints it from the outside: Its low profile is designed for aerodynamics and stealth on the streets. Its fluidic, streamlined shape gives it an imposing look rarely found on regular roads. Its trimmed front grille, stylistically shaped headlights and elegant bumper are all sure to bring it to the fore of all its viewers’ eyes.


Exteriors in M4 Coupe are exclusively highlighted; which supports the reflection of power. Talking of strength, every detail in this vehicle has been so nicely carved from carbon-fibre that it offers limitless strength to the machine. These features make it trustworthy and durable in the long run. BMW M4 embraces very attractive air inlets-being very stylish and also offers voluminous air that passes through the engineto cool it in the long, high-performance run. Sportiness is at its height with a muscular powerdome that characterize the contours of the twin turbocharger engine. Also, an extended bonnet is there to make the car look even sportier. Alongwith the marvellous ergonomics that the car offers, a perfect combo of stabilized aerodynamic style is also served; for which there are air curtains and air breather.Other exterior equipmentincludes 4 bevelled tailpipe finishers in the rear, M kidney grille that comes with double slats, M exterior mirrors, M gills and the M twin tailpipe. The alloy wheel size of tyres is 18 inches and tyres are radial, tubeless type. All these features in car serve unbeatable performance with its efficient technology, design and on-road driving pleasure.


Much like the exterior, BMW kept it simple when it came to interior updates as well. In fact, the only noticeable difference in the entire interior design are the newly-designed and illuminated M4 logos on the seatbacks. It’s a nice touch and all, but far from revolutionary. Interior trim pieces like those along the nose of the dash, around the HVAC vents, and on the center stack come in either chrome or are electroplated for a black-ish appearance. The latter can be found on the long trim strip that traverses the full width of the dash and on the door panels, to go with the trim element that surrounds the cd changer and HVAC controls. Chrome trim can be found on the steering wheel and around the HVAC vents.

You’ll also find that the dash now gets the same contrasting double stitching that the rest of the interior upholstery has. But, more important than that is the upgrade to the infotainment system that brings about the updated OS, which is also found in the new 5 Series and includes a multi-tile layout that’s easy to use. The Professional navigation system comes standard and is capable of providing a normal birds-eye view of your route or a more in-depth 3d view that accurately displays buildings and other structures in the surrounding area with near-perfect accuracy. Other standard features include BMW’s ConncetedDrive services to go with advanced Bluetooth phone connectivity, inductive charging, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

On the options front, you can opt for the Carbon Interior Pack that includes a healthy dose of Alcantara wrapped around the steering wheel to go with carbon fiber inlays throughout the cabin. As part of this package, the transmission gear selector and its surround also come with a carbon fiber finish to tie up all of the loose ends in the styling department. And, considering the car itself didn’t change aside from these minor updates, the passenger space inside carries over unchanged as well. That means you’ll find 42.2 inches of legroom up front and 33.7 inches in the rear to go with 55.3 inches of shoulder room up front and 51.7 inches in the rear. Headroom for the coupe is rated at 39.8, but if you opt for the convertible, you can enjoy unlimited headroom with the top down.


The M4 is a powerful car that’s capable of cornering at impressive speeds. It has a huge amount of front-end grip, doesn’t roll in corners and responds to steering inputs very quickly. The steering is heavy enough, but it doesn’t give much natural feedback. The adjustable suspension can be made firmer when you’re driving harder, but in any mode the car is agile and precise.There’s not a great deal that’ll keep up with the M4 in a straight line. The twin-turbocharged 425bhp straight-six engine pulls strongly, even in higher gears. However, while from outside it sounds great, from where you sit it’s harsh and loud.

Choosing the wind-in-your-hair approach does – as usual – come with a weight penalty; the drop-top is 200kg heavier than the M4, in part because of its complex folding metal roof. This means it takes a little longer to hit 62mph in a sprint, but you’ll rarely notice it on the road.A six-speed manual gearbox is standard but we’d recommend specifying the optional seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic. It allows you to make far better use of what the quick-revving engine has to offer, thanks to its reliable and lightning-quick gearshifts. It also makes the car a little more easygoing in traffic and around town. The launch control system can be very fiddly to use, though, and doesn’t restrict wheelspin as well as some rival systems.


The BMW M Series M4 Coupe scores as an all round accomplishment. Its stunning performance is balanced by smooth handling. A top notch suspension system and braking capacity together guard the vehicle’s ferocity, keeping it within safe lines. The adaptive M suspension gives the car a smooth flow, helping swallow all abnormalities on the rough Indian streets. The 18 inch alloy wheels are V-spoke style, modeled for maximum braking efficiency. The wheels are armed with superior braking calipers, building the best braking and cornering capacity for the vehicle. A sophisticated cruise control with braking and speed limited ensures a stress free drive for the man behind the wheel. The M servotronic assistance feature brings the car an additional driving aid on all speed ranges. The M double clutch transmission, armed with drivelogic, brings the most efficient transmission to the car’s engine, building the finest of handling. The machine’s prowess is guarded by safe handling for a well balanced drive.


A car that weighs around 1500 kg and that has power figures like 431hp and 550Nm of torque which is enough to propel the car from 0 to 100 kmph in 4.1 seconds needs to have some pretty nifty braking and safety features. The BMW M4 has carbon ceramic brakes with all the driving safety aids BMW could throw at it. The list goes on and on and on like, 8 Airbags, ABS with Brake Assist, Cornering Brake Control (CBC), DSC, MDM, etc.


And there you have it. The new M4 in coupe and convertible form promises a little more power and slightly better performance while keeping the same interior and exterior looks. The biggest news is the updated infotainment system that mirrors that in the new 5 Series, but that’s okay because the M4 is already a pretty menacing vehicle all the way around. Of course, some of you might find that the naturally aspirated RC F is a better choice while others might want to give that ATS-V a try. But, at the end of the day, each of the models here are exceptional, and I recommend you give each a test drive to see what really fits within your desire of what a sports coupe should offer. You’ll certainly be envied by your neighbors regardless of what model you come home in, so get to it, then come back and post a picture of your new baby once you take delivery.

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