5 Reasons A Responsive Real Estate Website Will Improve Your Business


Ever go online to learn more about a business you’re interested in, only to find nothing but tumbleweeds and broken links? Or perhaps you have visited a really nice, well-produced business website…that doesn’t seem to work at all on your mobile device.

That is a frustrating moment as a consumer, and it’s something you want to avoid when people visit your real estate website. Building a responsive, mobile-friendly website is absolutely essential for earning new business online.

About Responsive Website Design

So, you have a website for your real estate online marketing agency business, you might have a pretty detailed website, including a blog, gallery, etc. Hopefully you have also gathered a moderate amount of leads, thanks to your marketing, and closed a few deals from this.

Things are going okay, but you wish they were better. If it is long-term business prosperity that you want then you need more than just any presence on the web, it also means you have to keep up with the latest technology online to help your marketing efforts.

About 89% of new home buyers are using mobile search engines, if you haven’t already you need to consider upgrading your website to a responsive design.

What Does Responsive Design Mean Exactly?

Having a responsive website means that your website’s design will change to fit the screen size to give your audience a wonderful experience, regardless of the device they are using.

When using responsive design, everything on your site from the SEO to your content’s shareability on social media will be greatly enhanced.

Here are some reasons why that’s the case:

Reach a Mobile Real Estate Audience

The most important reason that you need a responsive real estate website? Your audience loves to search for homes using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Nearly 90 percent of home-buyers start their search online, and they’re not waiting until they’re in front of a desktop computer to start their search.

So often, you’ll find real estate clients spending their spare moments glued to their phones, searching through listings while waiting in line, riding public transportation, or taking a break from the task at hand. A responsive mobile website allows you to reach your audience, wherever they may be.

An Optimized Viewing Experience for Mobile Devices

No matter what device you happen to be using, landing on a website that simply doesn’t work the way it should is a frustrating experience. Responsive website design allows your real estate website to scale to the size of any screen, so that your audience always gets an optimized viewing experience.

A responsive website also means that your visitors can use all of the key features they expect—like MLS searches—even if they’re on a mobile device.For more information on SEO Agency for Real Estate visit Ogequipment

SEO Benefits for Responsive Websites

Google wants to provide its users with the most relevant, valuable results possible, so sending those users to broken, non-optimized websites is out of the question.

The good news is that Google places major value on responsive, mobile-friendly websites, so updating your real estate website with responsive design can provide a nice boost to your search engine optimization—and your search ranking.

Make the Most of Your Real Estate Content

It takes a lot of effort to consistently produce high-quality real estate content, whether you’re working on your blog, recording real estate videos, or shining a light on your most desirable listings. Yet without responsive design, much of that content will go to waste for people visiting your website via a mobile device.

Responsive design means that your content looks great no matter the device it’s being viewed on, which also makes your audience more likely to share your content with friends.

Make Life Easier on Your Mobile Audience

There are so many small but important usability perks to a responsive website, which make it easier for your audience to explore your content, search your listings, and learn more about your business.

A responsive website ensures that text will scale to a size that is easy to read, and that everything on your website will be in the “right place” when people go looking for it. Make it easier for people to use your website, and it’s more likely that they’ll keep coming back.

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